Forest Halls Celtic – Radio Show

Celtic Knot – illustration by Jane Valencia

The Celtic Spirit thrives! The music of the Celtic lands speaks to our hearts about old ways and new, and sets our feet to dancing. Come enjoy traditional song and melodies woven a-fresh, plus other expressions that arise from a rootedness in heritage, cultural imagination, and the fire of inspiration of peoples who are nested in nature and place.

Note: Forest Halls Celtic is currently on hiatus. 

Jane Valencia – Host and Producer of Forest Halls Celtic. In the KVSH/Voice of Vashon Studio.

On Sundays 12-2pm PST, catch the show via streaming on or locally on 101.9fm. Each show is available for two weeks for on-demand listening. Our first show aired Sunday, April 3, 2016.  We invite you to listen right now.

This show is a fun and refreshing mix of mostly contemporary and traditional Celtic music, with forays into other genres. Along the way we’ll enjoy some folklore, poetry, myth, a little history, or some magic of nature. We feature Celtic harp in every episode, and the ancient wire-strung harp quite often.  We also strive to include local and West Coast Celtic and indie-folk musicians.

For now, new programs are played 1st and 3rd Sundays, with replays on 2nd, 4th & 5th Sundays. The first hour is all-new material, with the second hour being a re-airing of a show from the first run of this radio program. Again, if you can’t catch the program ‘live’ it is available for your listening pleasure here for two weeks. Head on over and have a listen!

Hosted by Jane Valencia – Bardic harper and storyteller.

Access our play lists here. In our early months we also posted additional information about the music in the show: Access our show notes here.

Jane wrote an article about producing Forest Halls Celtic: “Take to the Air:  Express Your Love of the Harp by Hosting a Radio Show” – published in the Folk Harp Journal, Winter 2016, No. 173 . You can access the article here.

What listeners are saying:

“LOVELOVELOVE the show. Gorgeous music – nice info and interludes – storytelling…. your voice sounds great. Inspiration. And a sweet sweet accompaniment to my spring housecleaning. GO JANE!!!!!”

“Love the content and the smooth way you tell the stories and weave in the music as part of the story.”

“Really enjoying this on a Sunday morning in New York City. I expect to become a regular listener. Thank you so much!”

Find out how to submit your music to the show.