Ancestral Healing Ways

Journey into the generous world of the plants

Are you interested in learning about herbs and working with them in a ceremonial way that reaches into the ancestral heart of your nature? Does the green world of the plants beckon you into a terrain of soul, imagination, and physical knowing that is mysterious, full of vitality, and feels deeply of home? Jane teaches herbal healing ways that are rooted in the blessing and wisdom of our human knowings and heritage as healers.

Learn about herbs and natural healing by way of:

  • 12th century mystic, composer,  and physician, Hildegard von Bingen’s sense of viriditas — the healing force within nature and ourselves — and her own medical texts,
  • medieval and folk Celtic healing practices
  • direct engagement with the plants themselves

Jane teaches herbal camps for youth and plant medicine workshops for adults through the Vashon Wilderness Program. She also teaches at conferences, such as the Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference – 2019, and offers workshops through other venues. These learning opportunities give students personal experiences with the plants that teach respectful skills, open new perceptions, learning the language of the plants and our own bodies, and help grow real friendships with our green neighbors and teachers.  In doing so, we not only have a more rich understanding of how to work with the forces of healing with in ourselves, but we help restore intimate, sacred relationship between humans and the plant world.

A journey with the plants is a journey deep into the heart of your true nature. Look for this website’s Herba Magica blog posts. You can also visit Jane’s Deer Medicine Ways website for more plant wisdom,  and other healing magic.  Please check our calendar for upcoming learning opportunities.

Evening Primrose - photo
Magical Evening Primrose – photo by Jane Valencia