Nature Healing Ways

Journey into the generous world of the plants

Are you interested in learning about herbs? Does the green world of the plants beckon you into a terrain of soul, imagination, and physical knowing that is mysterious, full of vitality, and feels deeply of home? In addition to Forest Halls’ bardic offerings — which reach far into the green spirit of the world around us — Jane teaches herbal camps for youth and plant medicine workshops for adults through the Vashon Wilderness Program. She also teaches at conferences, such as the Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference – 2018, and offers workshops  at other venues. These learning opportunities give students personal experiences with the plants that teach respectful skills, open new perceptions, and help grow real friendships with these green beings, and to restore sacred relationship between humans and the plant world.

A journey with the plants is a journey deep into the heart of your true nature. Look for this website’s Herba Magica blog posts. You can also visit Jane’s Deer Medicine Ways website for more plant wisdom,  and other healing magic.

Evening Primrose - photo
Magical Evening Primrose – photo by Jane Valencia