News Flash, Paloma and Wings!+Keeping You in The Loop

Hello, folks,

Just a quick note to let you know that Paloma and Wings has been taken up by a book publisher, and will be seeing print soon. I will give you details when they are ready to share!

In any case, you’ll be hearing more from me, now that the year is underway and some new rhythms have settled in place. Life carried me in a couple of unexpected directions in 2022. As in previous years, I taught kids in nature, mentored children and adults in herbalism, and taught harp. But last summer, five of us became owner-editors of our Island’s independent community newspaper. This was not on my vision board, per se, but when the idea came to us, I realized it was the opportunity I was seeking. Specifically, I wanted to support our community to listen to one another with curiosity and kindness, to share ideas, become more flexible in our thinking, and to contribute to our mutual resilience and enjoyment of one another.

With so many uncertainties, it is more important than ever to honor our diversity – in background, experiences, knowledge, viewpoints, and more, and root in our shared values. It is time for all of us to recognize or reaffirm, that at heart, we want so many of the same things in life. Here on the Island, we literally share common ground. The same can be said of all of us in relation to our Earth Island home. It is from many perspectives, and from openness and deep listening that the most creative and life-affirming solutions arise. We need those. This is a time to be diverse, and not divided, and to leave aside any hostilities that may have arisen in recent years. It’s time to remeet one another.

A community newspaper is a good place to engage in old-fashioned dialogue and conversation, to hear from one another about what matters to us individually and collectively, and to remember why we came to be where we are.

If that makes you curious, I invite you to take a look at The Vashon Loop, a newspaper that is free to all, no matter where you are. See the Archives for a digital newspaper experience, or read the latest issue here.  Our first issue came out last Sept, and is Vol. 19 #1.

You’ll find my voice in various places, either with my byline (my fiction and some articles) or not (Land Acknowledgment column, occasional editorials). You’ll probably be able to detect where my voice overtly appears.  But I also have a hand in the Loop in several other ways, including working with contributors (including article development and editing) and advertisers, curating the poetry section, serving as accountant, and doing most of the layout of the paper. Yes, many hats. Such is the nature of a start up!

Paloma and Wings: An Herbal Comic – the Book is here!

Boxes of books!

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to announce that my new book, Paloma and Wings: An Herbal Comic — ten years in the making — is finally in print and available for purchase.

Here’s what the book is about:

“Paloma loves plants and herbal medicine making. Wings is a small dragon who follows Paloma on her herbal adventures. Enter the enchanted world of plants and discover their special relationship with us! A mix of comics and prose, this fun and informative book is for kids and kids at heart.”

I’m honored that these herbalists — from whom I’ve learned so much, and who I greatly admire and adore — have the following to say about it:

“Written and illustrated with children in mind, this thoroughly original and delightful book contains a wealth of information about plants, healing and nature. In a joyous and light manner Paloma and Wings guide children on a journey into the plant world with instructions on how to gather and harvest plants, make simple herbal recipes and remedies, and, perhaps most importantly, how to develop lasting relationships with plants and the natural world.”
ROSEMARY GLADSTAR, Herbalist and Author

The first section lays down foundations for working with plants, including safety and mindful harvesting considerations and practices

“Paloma and Wings: An Herbal Comic is a wonderful contribution to the herbal genre for children! Part comic book, part recipe book, and part herbal, this whimsical tome teaches children the wonders and usefulness of herbs through stories, songs, and down-to-earth facts. From how to help friends and family when they are sick to how to handle an insect sting, Paloma and Wings will empower children to help themselves and others with the natural healing power of the plants.”
—KRISTINE BROWN, RH (AHG), Author and Illustrator of Herbal Roots zine LLC

Comics accompany each chapter.

“An enchanting, conscientious and deeply charming guide to the earth’s natural medicines and the wonder of the animate world. A delightful and intelligent read for the herbally curious child and those who are still young at heart.”
—ASIA SULER, Founder of One Willow Apothecaries and Author of Mirrors in the Earth: Reflections on Self Healing from the Living World

Chapters introduce plants and herbal ideas. Recipes and activities are sprinkled throughout the pages.

Full color, 120 pages long, perfect bound 8″x10.5″ book – $24

For December only you can add a copy of Wintergift CD by Debra Knodel and myself at a discounted price of $8 to your order of the book (more details about the CD below).

Purchase Your Book (or Book+CD)

Purchase Paloma and Wings Book $24 and (optional) Wintergift CD $8 -for shipping in the U. S.

Purchase Paloma and Wings Book $24 and (optional) Wintergift CD $8 – local pick up

If you wish your book signed , please indicate when you pay or leave a message with me here.  If you have any questions, contact me as well.

Note: To those of you living outside the U. S.
I haven’t been able to figure out yet what to charge for mailing outside of the US. However, if you’re interested in purchasing a book, please contact me and give me some of your shipping information (town/city, country, zip code). I’ll figure out what shipping costs would be and let you know.

Wintergift – mostly harp with some tracks with vocals – Debra Knodel and Jane Valencia

WINTERGIFT by Spookytree (Deb Knodel & Jane Valencia ) is a celebration of the beauty, magic, and mystery of winter, with some sweet surprises of who and what you might discover in a snowy landscape or by the hearth fire. This album is a compilation of our most beloved winter season tracks from across our albums, plus five brand new never-before-heard tracks. Cozy up by a warm fire, and enjoy a musical wander into enchantment!

Over an hour’s worth of music. You can preview the music here, but please come back to this page to make your purchase and get your discount.

Jane, the book, and Wings!


New “Learn Elf Owl Harp” video series

I’ve launched a video series devoted to teaching elements of harp with storytelling, poetry, spoken word and song. If you are a harper, I invite you to check them out. If you have questions in this area, please ask! I hope to answer questions in future videos.

I know many (all?) of you love the beauty, fun, and magic of language and word. If you don’t play harp, I invite you to check out the beginning of the first video, “What is Elf Owl Harp?” There I perform a short poem written by a youth in Forest Halls. Come join me in the woods to experience it!

Enjoy the first video here