Episode 37 – Radio Show – Kin – November 11, 2019

In this beautiful, diverse, and expressive world, we are all Kin. Join us today as we explore the idea of “kin” — from varying interpretations of the same melody to relationship with beings of nature and the natural world, to resting in with human family kinfolk.

Harp featured in this show is by Beth Kolle and Loreena McKennitt. Our second hour is a replay of Show 32 – “The Veil Between the Worlds.”

Forthcoming — Play list will be posted here.

Kin – Human, Deer, Harp, Ancestors …

Radio Show – Episode 36 – October 27, 2019

One thing I love about producing Forest Halls Celtic is that I have times each week when I go “foraging” for music that is new to me. I’m especially eager to discover younger voices, and not just choose from my favorites of 20-30 years ago (though I enjoy playing those too!).

I’m especially delighted with some of my discoveries this time round:  One is Scottish contemporary folk singer, Kris Drever, singing  a song based on John Steinbeck’s articles in 1936 called the Harvest Gypsies, about the lives of the migrant workers of California. This song is lively and a joy to listen to, even as it presents a harshness of life that is still the reality of many groups of people today. Another is a piobaireachd — the classical music of the great Highland bagpipes — beautifully arranged by pianist Chris Gray. And let’s not forget the harps! We hear from Maeve Gilchrist, Julia Lane, Rachel Newton and Seckou Keita (kora, a 22-string African harp), and Cécile Corbel. In Cécile’s piece we hear a melody commonly played by beginners to the harp turned into a whole new version!

12:00: Forest Halls Celtic – Show 36/Spookytree – Lochaber No More
12:01: Annie Grace – Jock O’Hazeldean
12:04: Maeve Gilchrist – Peerie Joel’s Waltz (Ale Moller)
12:09: Kris Drever – Harvest Gypsies
12:12: The Bothy Band – The Strayaway Child
12:17: Nicola Benedetti – Coisich a Ruin (Walk My Beloved)
12:23: Julia Lane & Fred Gosbee, Castlebay – All Soul’s Night/Lament for Owen Roe
12:29: Rachel Newton – Here’s My Heart Come Take It
12:32: Rachel Newton and Seckou Keita – Willow
12:37: Chicouté – Go to the Ewe-Bughts, Marion / Tourbillon matinal
12:42: Cécile Corbel – Brian Boru
12:48: Chris Gray – MacKintosh’s Lament (Cumha Mhic an Toisich)

We’re also hearing right now Show 15, “A Wondrous and Spooky Samhain.”

Listen to both for the next two weeks — as well as Show 21 — snuck in on the air today by a tech-pixie!


P. S. I just realized that this is the birthday of the small harp featured in this photo. Not the harp’s actual date of completion, but the day it showed up on my doorstep after a long journey from Scotland and Ardival Harps,  across the ocean and continent, with delays due to 9-11. This little harp is 18 years old. Happy birthday, Snowy Owl!

Radio Show – Episode 35 – October 13, 2019

Show 35 is ready for your listening pleasure! In this one we feature music from three Breton artists, as well as some contemporary nature-rooted expressions (want to hear a heart-felt song from a tree? how about beautiful violin in the Wilderness, or a blessing for lost words?).  Harp music can be found in music by Dave and Sharon Thormahlen, Cécile Corbel, and Barry Phillips.  We followed this show with a re-airing of Show 14. Listen to both shows on demand for the next two weeks at VoiceofVashon.org.

12:00: Forest Halls Celtic – Show 35
12:02: Solas – Coconut Dog / Morning Dew
12:05: Elfen – Aderyn Du
12:08: Duo Menguy – Le Pennec
12:14: Cécile Corbel – Le bal des chats
12:16: Cécile Corbel – Jardin Secret
12:20: Denez Prigent – Gortoz a ran
12:27: Karine Polwart, et al. – Heartwood
12:30: Julie Fowlis – A Phiuthrag _s a Phiuthar
12:35: Barry Phillips – Braigh Loch Iall
12:42: Dave and Sharon Thormahlen – Hewlitt
12:45: Robin Bullock – The Rakes Of Clonmel / The Trip To The Cottage
12:47: Taylor Davis – Wilderness
12:51: Duo Menguy Berenguer – Yellow Flowers
12:56: Karine Polwart, et al – The Lost Words Blessing