Fun And Magical Novel For Ages 10+

Have you heard the news? Magic is returning to the world. It’s happening right now, all around us!

… slipping in with whiskered face and sensitive nose, with careful movements and on springing silent paws …

Because Of The Red Fox ~ a magical nature tale

by Jane Valencia

Because Of The Red Fox

Twelve-year-old Shell Wakefield is having a great time with her cousins at her new home on Yonder Island. But when she discovers that the monstrous Green Knight from myth is hunting her, she realizes that far more exists to her life than she ever could have imagined – including superheroes, a universe-shattering destiny, and a friendship with Leaves the Red Fox!

Full of mischief and mayhem, this children’s fantasy novel weaves threads of Celtic lore, plant and tree magic, animal tracking,  superhero fun, mythic beings, and much more. The enchanted forest is closer than you think!

Because Of The Red Fox is a children’s fantasy novel for ages 10+ (we know younger kids and grown-ups who enjoy it too!).

Available in Trade Paperback and Ebook (mobi, epub, pdf) formats.

“Because of the Red Fox is indeed a magical nature tale! The weaving of the tale reminds us that we are all made of many layers, some magical, some mundane, some bold and some unusual, layers which make each of us unique and special.”

- Kristine Brown, author and illustrator of Herbal Roots zine, an ezine for kids

ISBN/EAN13: 0615696031 / 9780615696034
Page Count: 476
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6″ x 9″
Related Categories: Juvenile Fiction / Science Fiction, Fantasy, Magic

Download a free three chapter preview of the book.

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Want to read the full review by Kristine Brown of this book? You can read the full review  at Herbal Roots zine – an ezine for kids (you’ll be sent to their website, but do come back!).

5 Responses to Fun And Magical Novel For Ages 10+

  1. Kyoki says:

    Can’t wait for the next update- my kids are asking me for ‘the Fox story’ when I sit down to read to them!

  2. Jane says:

    I’m delighted! Just to let your kids and you know, I’ve been distracted by life — illness, travel, an upcoming performance — but intend to return to posting next week. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Kyoki says:

    I’m so glad I finished this before you took it down!

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