Play the Harp

Celtic Harp, Bardic Harp & Storytelling, Healing Harp, Wire-Strung Harp, Kinder Harp/Pentatonic Lyre

Jane guides harp students of all ages and levels to play the music they long to play, develop essential techniques and skills, and to have fun and satisfaction along the journey with what is truly a magical instrument.

Lessons are available in person or distance via Skype.

Jane teaches all ages and skill levels, and specializes in the following:

Bardic harp – That is, harp with story, song, and poetry, with the intention of bringing the listener into the magic of the world. Folklore, myth, history, ancestral wisdom ways, nature, imagination, and a sense of wonder and mystery are part of this terrain.

Wire-strung (ancient Gaelic) Harp – With its metal strings, this rare harp has beautiful bell-like tones and a rich legacy. Jane draws on traditional Celtic streams and on contemporary wire-strung technique in teaching this exquisite instrument.

Harp for Healing – in which we cultivate our skills with the harp to touch the heart, nourish peace of mind, and help bring body and soul into harmony. Depending on the student’s interest, we can focus on therapeutic harp skill development and/or enter more fully into the realm of sound and energy healing.

Harp and Cranes
Harp overlooking the water – photo by Jane Valencia

Harp Lessons for Children – Jane loves working with children! She teaches the Celtic/folk harp to children age 7 and up, and suggests that younger children begin with the kinder harp/lyre, which she guides via parent-child lessons . Lessons are 1/2 hour, and involve play, whole body movement, and imagination. Jane teaches by ear, with learning to read music coming in after the child is well-established with playing the harp.

Styles & Skills: folk, Celtic, world; contemplative & therapeutic harp techniques; arranging & composition, improvisation, performance, ornamentation, modal music theory and application, harp & storytelling techniques, singing with the harp, and more.

Rental harps: metal-strung harp & nylon-strung Celtic harp. Inquire about availability.

Jane has performed and taught the Celtic harp since 1988. She has several harp recordings, and is host and producer of Forest Halls Celtic, a Voice of Vashon radio show.  Read her full bio here.

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