firKindness, Togetherness, Peace, Curiosity, Aliveness

and other Wild Sweet Magic that Really Matters

In Forest Halls we help families, educators, and creative adventurers to share nature and the plants, music, and imagination with children and community in ways that nourish curiosity, inner peace, resilience, joyful connection, and a sense of fun. A bright world is here for us in any moment, and we are each a medicine and magic within it.

Which pathway calls to you?

  • Bardic Storytelling – Step into the mythic forest and enjoy a vibrant storytelling experience that inspires you, your children or students, or your group to open to the living magic of nature and the world.  Learn how to tell stories yourself, and to even become a bard!
  • Play the harp — The harp is an instrument of myth, legend, and art that captures the imagination and soothes the mind and heart. Develop a fun, relaxed playing style. Learn skills that allow you to discover and truly express the music within you, and to fully enjoy your harp’s peaceful, healing, and inspiring qualities.
  • Plant Magic (Herba Magica) – Discover the generous and secret world of the trees and herbs and grow your ability to make remedies and work with them.
  • Forest Halls Celtic – Enjoy beautiful and refreshing music, captivating folklore, and more on our live radio show. Feel welcomed and woven into the Celtic spirit!
  • Magical Naturalist – Discover mystery, wonder, and adventure right outside your door

Curious to find out more?

We invite to browse our website, and visit our blog. We also encourage you to sign up for our free ezine, Acorn To Oak.

“Any path you choose will lead to magic …”
– from FOREST –
a bardic performance by Spookytree Celtic harp duo ~ Debra Knodel and Jane Valencia
Dragon Tree
Dragon Tree – photo by Jane Valencia

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