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In these challenging times, it can be hard to hold onto hope and a sense of well being, and just as hard to live from that place in your daily life with your children. Here at Forest Halls we help families to keep magic alive in their world by offering timeless cultural practices and meaningful fun that nourish joyful connection, calm and peace, healthy community, and the truth that a bright world is here for us in any moment.

  • Enjoy and experience enchanting tales that guide your family and community to share rich connection with one another and to experience the world anew, and learn how to tell stories too.
  • Learn how to play the harp — an instrument that has captivated the imagination and soothed the heart since ancient times. Develop a fun, relaxed playing style and learn skills that allow you to discover and truly express the music within you, and to fully enjoy your harp’s peaceful, healing, and inspiring qualities.
  • Enjoy beautiful and refreshing music, captivating folklore, and more on our Forest Halls Celtic – live radio show, and feel welcomed into the spirit and magic of the Celts .
  • Become a magical naturalist — discover mystery, wonder, ancestral wisdom ways, and the wilds of imagination in your everyday world and right outside your door

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“Any path you choose will lead to magic …”
– from FOREST –
a bardic performance by Spookytree Celtic harp duo ~ Debra Knodel and Jane Valencia
Dragon Tree
Dragon Tree – photo by Jane Valencia

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