firKindness, Togetherness, Peace, Curiosity, and Aliveness

… are Timeless Gifts that arise from Wonder

In Forest Halls we help family and community members, educators, healers, and artists to share meaningful fun with children that builds connection, nourishes the spirit, and betters the world.

Here are some paths through Forest Halls. Which one calls to you?

    • The Heart of Story – We are storytellers by nature. Experience magical tale and discover how story connects us with what matters most. Deepen your own ability to tell and listen for stories, and help kids tell theirs.
    • Play the harp — The harp is an instrument of myth, legend, and art that captures the imagination and soothes the mind and heart. Develop a fun, relaxed playing style that allows you to express the music you love.
    • The Gifts of the Plants (Herba Magica) – Discover the generous world of the trees and herbs, grow your ability to work and heal with these green beings, and to share the magic with your loved ones.
    • Magical Nature – Nature surrounds us and exists within us. We are Nature too! Journey into the wonder, playfulness and mystery that is the real world!
    • Deer Medicine Healing Sessions – Visit our sister site for details.

Curious to find out more?

We invite to browse our website, and visit our blog. We also encourage you to sign up for our free ezine, Acorn To Oak.

“Any path you choose will lead to magic …”
– from FOREST –
a bardic performance by Spookytree Celtic harp duo ~ Debra Knodel and Jane Valencia
Dragon Tree
Dragon Tree – photo by Jane Valencia

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