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fun, relaxing, magical ~ a journey into an enchanted world

May Ribbon Harp
Fall in love with the beauty and magic of the harp! Photo art by Jane Valencia

The harp is an ancient and beautiful instrument, with the ability to touch hearts, bring peace, and inspire joy to player and listener alike. With a harp you can make music from the start!

We offer:

In Person: weekly 30 min.; weekly or biweekly 45 min., and 1 hour lessons; 1 hour single consultation lessons

Distance:  single lessons or monthly 45-min. or 1 hour lessons via video conferencing.

Are you new to the harp? Do you wonder what’s involved in learning to play this instrument, or if it’s right for you?

Or are you a harper or harpist looking to reinspire your playing, or take it to the next level?

Do you have a special interest in Bardic Harp & Storytelling, the Wire-strung (ancient Gaelic) harp, or the Healing Harp?

Do you want to experience a sense of wonder and joyful magic in your journey with the harp?

We invite you to browse our Play the Harp page to see if lessons with our school is right for you.

Harpers of all levels enjoy sharing the love of their instrument with others.
Harpers of all ages and levels enjoy sharing the love of their instrument with others.

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