Jane, your story was lively, beautiful, magical and inspiring. I’ll never sing that song now without thinking of those villagers and that girl who changed her world! — A. F.

Experience the Wild and Welcoming!

Bardic harper and storyteller, Jane Valencia weaves tales, song, nature’s secrets, and a bit of faerie into performances and workshops for children, adults, families, and communities. She also teaches Harp and Storytelling.

Art by Jane Valencia
Art by Jane Valencia

Jane draws on earth-based wisdom ways and a deep love of nature to share stories that coax our imaginative inner wisdom into the foreground.

Her offerings range from concert  performances for kids, with follow up special activities, to reflective, deeply-nourishing layers added to a retreat or workshop, to special teachings, workshops, and consultation on ancestral wisdom ways that can be applied to daily life and community.

Here is a sampling of Jane’s many harp, story, and song offerings over the years:

  • Harp & story at book readings, outdoor education programs, schools, family nature events, private occasions, and libraries.
  • Harp & story at such events as a Celtic pilgrimage retreat, a labyrinth society retreat, women’s workshops, and prayer book making workshops
  • Performances and workshops at the International Society of Folk Harpers & Craftsmen (ISFHC) , the Mythopoeic Society Conference (MythCon), Harpers Hall retreats, concerts, and other events,  and more throughout the US.
  • Magic-of-nature learning experiences with harp, story, and song for kids at events like the Traditions of Western Herbalism Conference, community festivals celebrating Day of the Dead, Winter Solstice, Summer Solstice, and more.
  • Beautiful, meditative harp music for such events as labyrinth walks, gatherings, celebration of life services, and more.

Contact Jane to discuss how harp & story, magic-of-nature activities, or beautiful harp music can infuse wonder and connection into your upcoming event.

Green Leaf

“[My daughters] benefit immensely from their time with you.Your storytelling is a big hit. Also, your knowledge and passion for plants.” “Thank you for your gentle way with children, for sharing your knowledge and passion for the natural world, and for your stories!” – Parents of children who participated in programs mentored by Jane

“I love how you tell stories! You are the best storyteller. … Your voice is so beautiful” – E-S, age 5

“Thank you for your big heart and dedication to our community, not only did you bless us with harp, but you wove in the magic and imagination of Storytelling, thank you for delighting the children and tending the imagination of their developing minds!” – Women’s Way Red Lodge Summer Solstice 2016 Gathering

“I cannot thank you enough for the way you showed up: with heart, skill, wise mind, and PLAY! I am honored by your sense of magic, wonder, and adventure that you bring to all things …”

“The harp music and ‘deer ears’ practice opening up my sense of hearing and setting the time for the morning was enjoyable and helpful …” “I loved that you incorporated a folk story – ‘The Selkie’s Tale’ was moving and relevant” “Very gentle presence and invitation to journey …”
– Participants, A Day Of Homecoming Silent Retreat

“Your music is an oasis in the midst of hectic days. Thank your for sharing it and your storytelling with us!”
– Mary L., Children’s Literature Workshop: The Trickster Hero

Jane shares harp, story, and the magic of the season at a Summer Solstice Celebration.
Jane shares harp, story, and the magic of the season at a Summer Solstice Celebration.