Village Wisdom Ways for Families

We live in difficult times, filled with disheartening and frightening challenges coming in — it seems — from every direction. How do we nourish heart and hope within our families and ourselves? How do we strengthen our community connections so that we know ourselves to be interwoven with support, joy, and resilience?

Thankfully universal practices exist that have nourished and strengthened families, communities, and our inner self since our human beginnings. You’ll recognize many of them. Others may be new or newly-framed to you.  You will learn to consciously work with such practices to keep joy, peace, and wellbeing alive in your family, and to fine tune them to create a “village” that welcomes, celebrates, and stands with you. These ancestral ways will also help you engage with the wider world in ways that help the bright reality that we long for to come forward and thrive. Not only that, but these simple practices help you to experience the abundance, vitality, and support that exists for each one of us every single day.

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