About Jane Valencia

Jane Valencia is a bardic harper and storyteller, magical naturalist, and author and illustrator who enchants folk of all ages with her myth- and nature-infused  tales and artwork, wise village ways, and beautiful music. She has musically adventured with the harp since 1987, performing and recording with the Pacific Coast duo Spookytree and other groups in addition to her solo … Continue reading “About Jane Valencia”

Get to the Bones of Your Animal Magic

First, a Bit of Seasonal Art This year my daughter Amri and I are enrolled in a part-time Illustration program offered through the Georgetown Atelier. Once a week we drive out to the Georgetown neighborhood, and spend an evening drawing in a brick building that was once a brewery, and where trains click by at … Continue reading “Get to the Bones of Your Animal Magic”

When Your Art Has Something to Say

Our projects and art have minds of their own. I’m sure you’ve had that experience. Right now I’m preparing for our island’s biggest festival of the year, creating art and finishing a book (the long awaited Paloma and Wings in soft- and hardcover!). Anyway, I’m definitely feeling like my art projects are clamoring for time, … Continue reading “When Your Art Has Something to Say”