It’s been snowing!  The raccoons have been crossing from field to hay barn to beyond.  I suppose they do this every day, but today we have photographic evidence!
It’s pretty cool to examine the tracks.  See if you can figure out how the Raccoon ambles along, back paw moving up to where a front pay is touching the ground … or so it appears to me.
Try walking  like a Raccoon!
Raccoon Tracks - photo by Jane Valencia

Finally! Pix of the Baby Chicks

Shell, here.  So the baby seramas are no longer babies.  I guess you might call them teenagers!  Anyway, Santa figured out how to upload the photos she took back in the first days of the chicks’ lives outside the egg.   Here are pictures of how they were then (we may have to wait another month til we can show you how they are now!).

In the incubator: Patience is hatching! Champion is nearby ....
Chicks zonked out!
The chicks together: Patience, Sparkle-Sparkle, and Champion

Cutest Things On The Planet

Shell here.

Two chicks have hatched so far.

They’re fluffy.  They’re tiny.  They don’t mind us holding them (which we’re doing very, very carefully).

They’re curious.

They nibble on their food.  One has figured out how to drink water.

They’re the cutest things on the planet.

Gosh, I just mean that!

Pictures forthcoming (Come on, Santa, upload those photos!)

Santa: I’m — ugh, trying!  Just — ugh — tangled up in — ugh! — wires … Ack, how did my big toe get caught?

Annie:  Huh?

Shell:  Shell here again. To be continued!