Annie:  What do you mean, ‘Patience’, Shell?  What does Patience have to do with the latest Leaf?  Here’s a cute photo of him, by the way.

Young Patience - photo by Annie

Shell: But, Annie, that’s a pretty old photo of Patience! He’s a handsome full-grown rooster now–except that of course he’s very small, being a bantam.

Annie: I lost my camera for a few months.  This pic is from November, I think.  Anyway, I thought you were calling for him.

Shell: No, Annie.  I was just letting our readers know to, um, have patience.  Jane’s still revising the new Leaf.  But she hopes to have it posted early next week.

Santa (sagely):  Writer’s block.

Shell: Well, not really.  She’s already written the Leaf.  So it can’t be writer’s block.

Santa: Phobia of revision?

Shell: But she’s revising it–she’s not afraid of the Leaf, at least I don’t think so.  Though … in a way … the Leaf is kind of scary.

Santa: No, it isn’t.

Shell: Yes, it is.

Santa: No, it–

Shell (interrupting): Anyway, check back on Leap Day!  Yeah, for sure it will be posted by then!

Annie: Why?

Shell:  Because — Leap Day!  Get it, get it?  Leaf Day!

Santa: No, Shell.  I really don’t.



It’s been snowing!  The raccoons have been crossing from field to hay barn to beyond.  I suppose they do this every day, but today we have photographic evidence!
It’s pretty cool to examine the tracks.  See if you can figure out how the Raccoon ambles along, back paw moving up to where a front pay is touching the ground … or so it appears to me.
Try walking  like a Raccoon!
Raccoon Tracks - photo by Jane Valencia

Finally! Pix of the Baby Chicks

Shell, here.  So the baby seramas are no longer babies.  I guess you might call them teenagers!  Anyway, Santa figured out how to upload the photos she took back in the first days of the chicks’ lives outside the egg.   Here are pictures of how they were then (we may have to wait another month til we can show you how they are now!).

In the incubator: Patience is hatching! Champion is nearby ....
Chicks zonked out!
The chicks together: Patience, Sparkle-Sparkle, and Champion