News Flash! Baby chick just hatched!

Shell: This is Shell, here, with a live report from Uncle Clay’s barn, where a serama chick has just hatched from its egg!  Yes, you heard correctly, folks.  We have five eggs in an incubator–

Santa: My incubator! I raised the money for it —

Shell:  Santa’s incubator.  Right.  And our serama eggs. Five of them–

Annie: They’re so cute–

Santa:   The eggs, Annie?  Or the chicks. Be specific.  We’re on the internet here!

Annie (hands clasped): Both–!

Shell:  Anyway, seramas are the smallest of bantam chickens —

Santa: –bantams are small chickens —

Shell: — and we collected some eggs from our breeding pair–

Annie:  –And stuck them in the incubator, such a cute, warm, humid place —

Santa: We put them in the incubator 19 days ago.  Now they’re hatching.  Right on schedule.

Shell:  Anyway, the first one hatched, and has tons of energy.

Annie:  — It flopped around —

Shell: –And now the peck area of another egg is turning into a line–

Annie: — the chicks just peck a line all the way around the egg to get out of one end, kind of like a zipper —

Santa: No, it’s not.

Shell: Anyway, it’s all really exciting, and we’ll get back to you with videos and pictures.  Stay tuned! Shell, signing off!

Santa:  Is that “egg”-Shell?  Ha ha!

Shell: Out!