From Shell: No New Leaf, but ….

Jane’s having a hard time with the current Leaf. (called Leaf 6: The Magic Of Mouse). She assures me that she’ll have it ready to roll next Friday.

In the meantime she invites you to read a little story about me and my friend Grayhorn SilverAntler. Dollmaker extraordinaire Lisa Mathias of Journey School made the Shell-doll. Lisa’s dolls are a lot like the dolls my mom makes! (well, actually, Jane says they are the dolls my mom makes, but that doesn’t make sense to me!).

Anyway here is what Grayhorn SilverAntler and I discover one Winter Solstice on the 100 Acre Farm … Enjoy a little winter in your summer!

Read: A Winter Solstice Fantasy

Ho ho ho, from Santa

Okay, gang — Santa here to report on the posting of the latest Leaf of our story. Well, it’s Shell’s story mostly but some of us have a few things to say and do in it too–that are very important, I might add!

Please note: I’m not scared to get on and off buses!