Finally! Pix of the Baby Chicks

Shell, here.  So the baby seramas are no longer babies.  I guess you might call them teenagers!  Anyway, Santa figured out how to upload the photos she took back in the first days of the chicks’ lives outside the egg.   Here are pictures of how they were then (we may have to wait another month til we can show you how they are now!).

In the incubator: Patience is hatching! Champion is nearby ....
Chicks zonked out!
The chicks together: Patience, Sparkle-Sparkle, and Champion

Leaf 8! And an Interlude

Shell here. This is unbelievable, but Jane has finally, finally, FINALLY finished posting Part 1 of my book (that is, Because Of The Red Fox). Not only has she posted Leaf 8, but she added an interlude that comes between Leaf 4 and 5. So check it out!

Jane is pretty happy to be working on this story again. She’s a little slow (no offense, Jane), but last week she visited her local museum and realized what the name of our island is. Really! She had no idea what island Santa, Annie, and I lived on — the name of it, that is. And then she looked on a map and figured it out. Is that weird or what!

So, all of the sudden, she knows the names of places around here (writers are so weird). And she thinks it’s really fun to figure them out. It’s like she’s inventing the names or something! But, actually, she isn’t, because the island is telling her the names of things. That’s what Jane’s saying, anyway.

Now, that’s really weird!

You heard it here first, readers! Thanks for reading my book (well, I guess it isn’t just mine!). It’s only just taking off!

See you next week! (hopefully with pictures of those cute baby chicks!)