Herba Magica: Ripe Salmonberry

Plants offer us a doorway into a very different sense of time and into the wonder that interweaves our world and is right outside. This plant, Salmonberry, is a particular friend and ally to those of us in the Pacific Northwest, coaxing us to head off-trail to taste wildness. What invariably happens is that one … Continue reading “Herba Magica: Ripe Salmonberry”

Herba Magica

Journey into the magical world of the plants … Are you interested in learning about herbs? Does the green world of the plants beckon you into a terrain of soul, imagination, and physical knowing that is mysterious, full of vitality, and feels deeply of home? In addition to Forest Halls’ bardic offerings — which reach … Continue reading “Herba Magica”

Art Show! Magical Nature + Kid-Inspired

Art Showing by Jane Valencia Into Forest Halls: Kid-Inspired Art From The Heart Of Our Nature At the HUB 070 Gallery – November through Year End (Located in the Spinnaker Building in downtown Vashon just north of Chase Bank and across from Vashon Market) 17710 100th Ave SW,Vashon, WA First Friday Gallery Tour Opening: Friday, … Continue reading “Art Show! Magical Nature + Kid-Inspired”