Magical Naturalist Skills: What Kids and the Kid In You Know

If you’re out with a child — especially with a young child — and you remove the shackle of clock time (so you’re wandering, no agenda, no pressing time commitment), the world around you reveals its true extraordinary state. Children will be drawn to all manner of things in the landscape, and will overlay their … Continue reading “Magical Naturalist Skills: What Kids and the Kid In You Know”

Magical Forest Music

If you’re a magical naturalist, then it’s quite likely you sing when you’re adventuring in nature. (Many magical naturalists love to sing). And if you sing in nature, it may even be possible — perhaps even likely! — that you hear music in the wind, the ocean, in bird song. Perhaps the plants sing to … Continue reading “Magical Forest Music”

About Jane Valencia

Jane Valencia is a bardic harper and storyteller, magical naturalist, and author and illustrator who enchants folk of all ages with her myth- and nature-infused  tales, wise village ways, beautiful music, and comic-style art. She has musically adventured with the harp since 1987, performing and recording with the Pacific Coast duo Spookytree and other groups in addition to her solo … Continue reading “About Jane Valencia”