In Your Wild Nature: Imagine Yourself!

You may have seen the imaginative self-portrait photos by 14-year-old Zev, also known as “Fiddle Oak”.

If not (or even if you have), visit this article showcasing his artistry and come back.

So, what do those images inspire in your own imagination? Who among you hasn’t imagined themselves tiny, and how that would change your whole experience of the world (a la The Borrowers and other tales of miniature people)? I love the notion of flying with a   pair of full-size feathers, or even catching a ride on an origami bird. I love the idea of riding a leaf-and-bark boat across a pond alive with moss and enchantment. I love the idea of drawing (or writing) myself into real life.

What strikes your fancy? Feel free to jot your imaginings here!

Curious Birds – photo and origami by Jane Valencia.