Come to a Holiday Harp Concert!

Hello, Friends, come to a concert! I’m delighted to play on several songs in this year’s Harpers Hall Christmas Concert. I was one of the founders of this folk harp group many years back.  As Harpers Hall is based in the San Francisco, CA’s South Bay area  and I live in a different state, I don’t often get to play with Harpers Hall. Thanks to COVID I’ve been able to be a more active member. Please enjoy the music!

Thank you to Harpers Hall director Verlene Schermer for making this concert happen, and doing all the organization and tech to bring it together.

Spooky Redtail Moon: Come Enjoy Our Music Videos!

With Shelter in Place, three harp friends — Deb Knodel, Verlene Schermer, Claudia Slayman — and myself came together virtually to put together four videos. The concept: we each choose and start and tune, record our part, then pass the video to one another. Verlene engaged in tech-wizardry to weave and mix these videos — synchronizing the videos, balancing the audios, and working magic to produce them.

The videos were great fun to put together,  and we’ll be doing more.  In the meantime, please welcome us into your living room!  Here’s the music we play:

The Water is Wide (traditional and much loved English folk song)
Glenlivet – trad. Scottish
Dans Keff Avec – trad. Breton tune
Tam Lin – also known as the Glasgow Reel – composed by Davey Arthur

You can access the whole playlist here.

A note on our group and group name: Spooky Redtail Moon combines three group names that four musicians worked under either currently or in the past. Spookytree is Deb Knodel and Jane Valencia, Redtail & Gingko is Claudia Slayman and Deb Knodel, and To the Moon is Verlene Schermer, Deb Knodel and Claudia Slayman. We met through our love of the Celtic harp, and have been friends for over 25 years, playing music together whenever we are together at harp retreats, Scottish Games, and other events.