Radio Show – Episode 55 – Respite – September 13, 2020

We’re nearing the Autumn Equinox, sometimes known as the festival of Mabon, in which the length of the night and the day are equal. It’s a time of balance.

But this year in 2020, we’re experiencing anything but balance. Wildfires rage up and down the West coast, the air is otherworldy in the mingling glow of the smoke and sun. Every day seems to bring to light injustices, concerns, and other challenges that feel overwhelming.  That said, since time immemorial, music has been a balm for distressing and difficult times. Celtic music has always spoken to and for the heart. With that in mind, we offer Show 55 as Respite.

Music today travels into the human landscape, and with the sun and the waters. We enjoy a Welsh fairy tale along the way, and head off-trail to experience magical vocal expressions arising from the African-American landscape and a rich mingling of musical tradition and style .

May rains soothe air and land, the breezes be gentle and cleansing, and the wildfires of both earth and heart grow calm.

Harp “sightings”: Enjoy the music of harpers Sandra Parker (she performs piano and her own poem in today’s show), Christina Tourin, Margie Butler (she sings in her piece and plays penny whistle), and Ceri Owen-Jones.

Our second hour is an encore airing of Show 33.

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01:43 Shantalla – A Band of Gold
05:23 Réalta – Open the Door for Three
08:08 Tannas – O Ho Na Ribeannan / Sean Truibhas / Faca Tu Saor An T-Sabhaidh
14:18 Sandra Parker – High Summer/ Martin Wyndd’s Air
16:12 Christina Tourin – Seal Lullaby
22:39 Golden Bough – The Mermaid’s Song – Song of the Seals
30:25 Ceri Owen-Jones, Elsa Davies, Peter Stevenson – Gvasi Cefn Garsi
36:17 Eve Goodman – Siren Song
40:06 Derw – Dau Gam
46:03 Caladh Nua – Cad é sin don té sin
48:59 Rhiannon Giddens / Wayfaring Stranger
51:24 Jennah Bell / Black Hole Sun
55:58 Mary Dillon / The Boatman

Radio Show – Episode 54 – Lughnasadh – August 9, 2020

In Show 54 we celebrate the Celtic Cross-Quarter Festival of Lughnasadh with music, poetry, and folklore. Enjoy the music and song of late summer!

Enjoy harp in the playing of: Jennifer Van Der Harten (in OMNIA ), Jane Valencia (accompanying the poetry of Kevin McManus), and Gwenan Gibbard

Our second hour is an encore airing of Show 10 – First Harvest.

Enjoy harp in the playing of: Catriona McKay, Tristan Le Govic, and Jochen Vogel

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Forest Halls Celtic / Show 54 – Lughnasadh

01:22 Julie Fowlis, Éamon Doorley, Zoe Conway, John Mc Intyre / An Ghaeilge
04:46 Omnia / Lughnasadh
12:08 Kevin McManus and Jane Valencia / Lughnasadh
16:21 Gwenan Gibbard / Cysga di fy mhlentyn tlws
18:50 Talisk / Abyss
24:44 Goitse / The Burst Togs
28:58 Seosaimhin Ní Bheaglaoich / Bheadh Buachaillin Deas Ag Sile
31:30 Kieran O’Hare / Her Golden Hair Hanging Down Her Back/Toss the Fiddles
38:07 Mara Freeman / Lughnasadh Folklore: The Gathering of the Tribes
43:04 Damh the Bard / Lughnasadh
49:16 Claire Hastings / The Bothy Lads
53:19 The Miracle Aligner / Pumped up Kicks 1066 A.D in Old English (Anglo-Saxon)


Radio Show – Episode 47 – Mostly Harp – April 3, 2020

With lockdown continuing, I’m inspired by what’s taken wing online, especially the Edinburgh Harp Festival, now gone virtual! Here’s Forest Hall’s version of a harp celebration. For the first time, this show features harpers in every piece of music. Enjoy the elegance and vitality of traditional styles as well as flights of vigorous and imaginative contemporary expression. Harpers featured are Màiri Macleod, Cheyenne Brown, Rachel Hair, Moya Brennan and Cormac de Barra, Anne-Marie O’Farrell , Séamus Ó Flatharta in HighTime Irish band, Gwenan Gibbard Siân James , Elinor Bennett and Meinir Heulyn, Robin Huw Bowen, Patrick Ball,  Verlene Schermer, Sharlene Wallace and Kim Robertson.

The second hour of the show is an encore airing of FHC’s very first show! Episode 1 offers the playful natural magic and beauty of springtime, a ninth century Irish poem, and Jane Valencia’s retelling of the Irish myth, “Airmid’s Herbal Cloak.” Hear harp in the music of Ann Heymann, Mary Macmaster and Patsy Seddon (in Clan Alba), and Shelley Phillips (in Orison). Find playlist for Show 1 is here.

Listen to Show 47 and Show 1 until April 19.

Playlist for Show 47:

01:31 Màiri Macleod – Crossing the Minch/Tail Toddle
06:16 Cheyenne Brown – Cold Frosty Morning
13:43 Rachel Hair Trio – The Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside
17:45 Moya Brennan and Cormac de Barra – Taim Breoite go Leor
23:19 Anne-Marie O’Farrell – Caitlín Ní Haodha & The Sport of the Chase
25:38 HighTime – The Village of Cloch Bhuí
33:23 Gwenan Gibbard – Nei Di Ganu ‘Nghan?
37:52 Siân James – Mae Nghariad I’n Fenws
41:31 Elinor Bennett and Meinir Heulyn – Cader Idris
43:01 Robin Huw Bowen – Jig Y Doethion
47:07 Patrick Ball – Lady Dillon – Turlough O’ Carolan
50:51 Verlene Schermer – A Jig in Your Pocket
53:50 Sharlene Wallace and Kim Robertson – Last Night’s Joy / Moving Cloud