Leaf 6 done … for now

This is Shell here, presenting the amazing fact that Jane has just posted the rest of Leaf 6. It’s all bundled up in that chapter, not presented as a separate installment.

When I was spying on Jane this morning I could see that she wasn’t totally happy with how that chapter is. And I know she’s been spending a bit of time with a pile of notes and some pen scrawls about this and that regarding plot and characters and stuff. I guess things will probably change around with the story before it’s totally done.

Isn’t that weird? As the main character of the story I think it’s really weird to think that Jane might change things about what I do or say and all that! It makes me wonder what reality is really like? Is someone editing our stories every once in awhile, making what we say sound more fun, or cool or wise? Are we doing that ourselves?

Okay, those are just some odd thoughts I have right now. What weird thoughts do you have about things?

This is Shell, signing off for this week!

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