When Mischief Sneaks In

Recently I discovered some cool drinking glasses with red foxes on them … and then noticed red foxes on aprons, file folders, kitchen magnets. Suddenly, foxes are everywhere!

My niece tells me that foxes are owls are “in”.

Gosh, so I have ever more reason to “fox walk” and use “owl eyes”. (Download the Because Of The Red Fox book preview and scroll to p. 25 if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)  Maybe you’d like to join me too in sneaky silent walking and wide-angle vision — both of which are really great for glimpsing the magic that’s all around us, right now.

Below is a photo of those glasses and the book, with a bit of presto-change splashed upon it. May it inspire you to discern the mischievous wherever you are!

Where have you experienced the fox or her/his mischief lately? Please share your story here!

Red Fox Mischief
Foxes are everywhere! Photo Art by Jane Valencia


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