Episode 37 – Radio Show – Kin – November 11, 2019

In this beautiful, diverse, and expressive world, we are all Kin. Join us today as we explore the idea of “kin” — from varying interpretations of the same melody to relationship with beings of nature and the natural world, to resting in with human family kinfolk.

Harp featured in this show is by Beth Kolle and Loreena McKennitt. Our second hour is a replay of Show 32 – “The Veil Between the Worlds.”

12:02: The Chieftains – A Chieftains Celebration
12:07: Loreena McKennitt – The Wind that Shakes the Barley
12:13: Beth Kolle – JB’s Reel
12:16: Talisk – Farewell
12:21: Crookshank – John Barleycorn
12:27: Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh – Port na bPucai
12:31: Beoga – Aurora
12:41: Mischa MacPherson – Horo Chunna Mi
12:45: Cuig – New Landscapes
12:50: Julie Fowlis – Dh_eirich mi moch, b’ fhe_rr nach do dh_eirich
12:57: Claire Hastings – The House at Rosehill

Kin – Human, Deer, Harp, Ancestors …

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