Radio Show – Episode 46 – Vitality – March 22, 2020

In Episode 46 we revel in the vitality of spring with music, plant lore about Nettle, and a story for all ages about the secrets of Nettle. Enjoy Celtic tunes, songs, and more to cheer your heart and enliven your spirits in this challenging time we share.

Hear harp in the music of Siobhán Armstrong and Wendy Stewart.

Listen to this show on demand until April 5!

The second hour is an encore airing of Show 25 – Spring!

12:05: Lúnasa – The Butlers Of Glen Avenue
12:09: Kathleen MacInnes – Gaol ise Gaol i
12:11: Arcanadh – Cé a chuirfidh tú liom
12:16: Skippinish – Land below the Waves
12:19: Rachel Walker – Cadal Ciarach Mo Luran
12:23: Nettle Plant Lore from Tess Darwin – The Scots Herbal
12:27: Flook – Mouse Jigs
12:28: Lisa Hannigan – Flowers
12:36: Kíla – Sean Deora
12:44: Siobhán Armstrong and Les Witches – Miss Hamilton
12:48: Jane Valencia – Annie and the Secrets of Nettle
12:56: Wendy Stewart – Bonawe Highlanders Stirling Castle
13:00: Zoe Conway & John McIntyre – The Curra Road

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