Radio Show – Episode 48 – More Harp – April 19, 2020

With the fullness of Spring and music in the air, what can I say? I have to bring in more harp!

And if you groove on the joy, beauty, and surprise that this angelic and, in expert hands, brash instrument can bring,  you’ll enjoy this follow-on to our previous all-harp show.  We head off-trail with some contemporary sounds, but return again to Celtic-rooted music and themes. We also journey down to the shore to listen to an old Scots Gaelic prayer, and witness a boat blessing.

Inspired by this unusual and threshold time in which we live, I share a magical tale of my own about  Rose Hip and Snowberry, two children who venture into the woods when technology falls away and their modern world changes.

You’ll also hear music from a new group of which I am part.

Harpers featured are Sue Richards, Lily Neill, Verlene Schermer, Séamus Ó Flatharta in High Time Irish band, Moya Brennan and Cormac de Barra, Màiri Chaimbeul (backing Jenna Moynihan), and Deb Knodel, Claudia Slayman, Verlene Schermer, and Jane Valencia as Spooky Redtail Moon

Listen to the show on demand until May 3

The second hour is an encore airing of Show 27:  On the Wing

01:30 Sue Richards / Nyth y Gwcw
04:19 Lily Neill / Bedford Row
08:01 Verlene Schermer / Flying
14:04 HighTime / An Maoilín
18:04 Moya Brennan and Cormac de Barra / Crann Ull
22:01 Jenna Moynihan / The Eagle’s Whistle / Major Campbell Graham
27:45 Scots Gaelic Boat Blessing and Prayer; Music: Sound Healing Center / Healing Harp by the Sea
32:13 Sara & Maynard Johnson with Rogues’ Consort / Rowing From Isla to Uist
35:35 Sibéal / An Cailin Alainn
41:27 Story by Jane Valencia / Rose Hip and Snowberry
53:22 Spooky Redtail Moon / Tam Lin – The Glasgow Reel

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