Santa Speaks

My dragons!  They’re here!  I’m in charge … uh, I think.

Holly Hush: Mary, fayr ladye.  We are bourne on the everlasting wing–

Annie: Is that poetry, Holly Hush?

Santa: I thought this was my post!  Holly Hush, you don’t speak enough Shakespearean English in this Leaf.

Holly Hush: Forsooth!  Mayhap your esteemed scrivener will pen my tongue more fortuitously in the fair dayes to come.

Leaves: Far be it for me to be insulting, but are you speaking in authentic Early Modern English, or just making it up?

Shell: Leaves!!!

Holly Hush flame!!!!!!!!

Santa here again, it’s getting mighty hot here!  Signing off for now!

PS.  A new leaf is up — Leaf 6: DragonAir.  See you there!

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