What’s With The Crows? And A Twig …

SHELL: Shell, here.  I was out in the field today and the crows were noisy as anything from the treetops!  Last time I heard them like that, they were shouting about a barred owl.

LEAVES:  Barred or bard?

SHELL:  Now that you mention it, Leaves.  Maybe it was a ‘bard owl’.  We’re on Yonder Island, after all, and it seems like just about anything can show up.  Are bard owls different than bard foxes?

LEAVES: Of course.  We–or at least–I–have a way with words.  Bard owls play harps.

SHELL:  Is … that … so?

LEAVES: You sound like you don’t believe me!

SHELL:  Well … you can’t blame me if I … maybe think you’re telling tales.

LEAVES (with a satisfied grin):  Hm!

SHELL:  Anyway, my mom gets an interlude today. You’ll see me–us, that is–Leaves, and me–again next week.

LEAVES: Bon apetit!

SHELL (off-stage): Leaves, you don’t eat twigs, too, do you?

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