Paloma and Wings: Hawthorn!

The Green Man is often depicted with a face made of hawthorn leaves. Here I share a bit about the beautiful and abundant tree that is Hawthorn.

Mmm! Hawthorn! - art from Paloma And Wings - a Kids Herbal Comic by Jane Valencia (c) 2012
Mmm! Hawthorn! – art from Paloma and Wings – a Kids Herbal Comic by Jane Valencia (c) 2012

Paloma is a girl who is nuts about plants (bad pun intended) and about herbal medicine making. Wings is a small dragon who shares in her adventures, and often offers up some smarts in regards to herbs.

I wrote and drew this comic for two years, where it appeared in the awesome, beautiful, and intelligent Plant Healer Magazine.

I’ve recently been assembling my comics and their accompanying essays into a book form. In rescanning and editing them, I got inspired to create videos of them, complete with me reading the comics aloud, and (of course) a little of my harp music included too.

[Note: The tune in this comic is “Lisdoon”, Track 10 on the CD Masque by Celtic harp duo Spookytree – which is Debra Knodel & myself. You can listen to the whole tune for free here.]

So delighted to be able to share one of my kids herbal comics in this way! Please share the link with your friends!

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