From Annie: Gleep!

‘Tis me, Annie. Omigosh, here it is Saturday, and no Leaf! Jane wants me to tell you that the next installment will be up sometime this weekend.

Jane had a birthday a couple of days ago. Her family celebrated with sushi and roses. … oh, Santa’s yelling at me about something. I do too make sense!

Anyway, I think the Leaf is late because Jane has been having a birthday! And anyway, do check back by Sunday. She’ll have some good stuff up. I think!

Welcome To FoxTales And To My Children’s Fantasy Novel-In-Progress

FoxTales is devoted to magical nature fun surrounding a children’s novel-in-progress called Because Of The Red Fox. I try to post a chapter (called a “Leaf”) or two each week. Often, the characters in that story speak up in the blog posts here, discussing the story and the goings-on in their lives on Yonder Island …. You’ll hear from Shell and her cousins Samantha (known as Santa) and Annie, Leaves the Red Fox, and Tam The Tea Pot, to name a few.

Feel free to comment on the novel, and to share your own thoughts and stories about nature, magic, writing! I read and think about every comment I receive, and try to respond to them all.

May you experience magic wherever you are!
~ Jane