Spring Music: How are you Poised and Listening?

Early Cycladic Harper - art by Jane Valencia
Early Cycladic harper – 3rd millenium BC – black and white gouache on Bristol board by Jane Valencia

Above is art that I created for my illustration class at the Georgetown Atelier in Seattle. The figure is an Early Cycladic sculpture of a harper. The Cyclades are a group of Greek islands in the southwestern Aegean sea. In the third millennium B.C., these island developed a distinctive culture and art, of which this harper is an example.

Back in the late ’80s, in my first months taking harp lessons, a group of us made a trek to the De Young Museum in San Francisco to see an exhibit of this sculpture — which I’m pretty sure included this figurine. I was — and am — captivated by both the style of the sculpture, and particularly by the harper, a colleague from more than four thousand years ago!

Early Cycladic Harper - Sculpture
Early Cycladic Harper – sculpture from 3rd Millenium BC

The harper is attentive, listening– it seems to me — to whatever else is taking place. He is poised to play when the appropriate moment opens. As one who has performed at many events during which I too waited, listening, until the moment when I would play, his bearing is oh-so familiar. Perhaps you can relate to such moments in your life as well!

Here, in this moment, how are you listening? How are you poised to play/create/take action when the moment springs awake? What music is this changing season whispering, laughing to you? If you wish, please share your thoughts below.

Here’s another “ancient” snapshot: two harpers listening as a third harper plays (some of you readers will recognize these lovely folk!)

Harpers of all levels enjoy sharing the love of their instrument with others.
Two of these harpers are listening too.

When Your Art Has Something to Say

Our projects and art have minds of their own. I’m sure you’ve had that experience. Right now I’m preparing for our island’s biggest festival of the year, creating art and finishing a book (the long awaited Paloma and Wings in soft- and hardcover!).

Anyway, I’m definitely feeling like my art projects are clamoring for time, love, attention. And I want to give it to them! I feel like I’m being hustled and bustled by a flock of hungry hens ….

Hungry Hens photo
Hungry Hens – photo by Jane Valencia

In any case, enjoy the latest FoxTales. And please share a story or two about how your projects have come to life!

FoxTales comic

Ready, Set–Art!

It’s so much fun to prepare for my art show, opening on Friday. Here’s a piece I’ll have finished by then:

Starlit Dream - art by Jane Valencia
A work in progress – art by Jane Valencia

I have a lot of ideas I’m very excited about for 2015–including the debut of a comic on this blog! Stay tuned!

Wishing you many blessings, many inspirations, and much real magic ~