When Your Art Has Something to Say

Our projects and art have minds of their own. I’m sure you’ve had that experience. Right now I’m preparing for our island’s biggest festival of the year, creating art and finishing a book (the long awaited Paloma and Wings in soft- and hardcover!).

Anyway, I’m definitely feeling like my art projects are clamoring for time, love, attention. And I want to give it to them! I feel like I’m being hustled and bustled by a flock of hungry hens ….

Hungry Hens photo
Hungry Hens – photo by Jane Valencia

In any case, enjoy the latest FoxTales. And please share a story or two about how your projects have come to life!

FoxTales comic

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  1. One morning my husband urged me to take a look at the big white flowers along his running trail. Since he’s not particularly a botany fan, I thought I’d better take a look. Gorgeous 6-8′ bushes of Matalija poppies the size of plates were blooming along the trail, which parallels a Silicon Valley freeway. I took close-up photos and had one enlarged into a canvas print. We re-painted a wall in our kitchen to show off the picture and hung it there. Art brought the room to life.

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