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Hello, dear Readers!

Well, I don’t have a new Leaf for you. Here’s the latest on the book.

For quite some time I’ve pictured the book as being a novel mingled with comic art — really, as being a graphic novel. I love to create artwork, but it takes me quite awhile to do so. I kept shelving the idea, kept plugging away at my rewrite. But the idea has kept tugging at me. I just had this feeling the novel could really come alive if I had the comic art. The comic art could really be a nice ‘container’ for some of the craziness — it could just be depicted largely in pictures and not in words.

Well, this morning I was pondering another puzzle I had (an idea regarding something else entirely that came to me in a dream). A solution to that one appeared — shazam! — in my mind, something entirely different from what I’ve considered for a very long time. And in exploring that idea, I realized a solution to my comic art-in-my-book idea.

It’s an exciting idea, though a little scary — probably the best kind of idea to have!

So I’m going to redesign my book with this idea in mind, and see what emerges.

Thinking of it in this new way my resolve most if not all of the problems I’ve had with it.

I can’t really say anything more about my idea right now — it’s just too fresh and new, and I kind of need to wear it for awhile.

What I’m going to do is this:

I’m probably not going to post anymore of the story right now, but I will keep posting here on Fox Tales Fridays.

I’m not exactly sure what I’ll post — but it might be book recommendations, or comic art, or photo stories, or retellings of old tales, or …. something! Maybe Shell, Santa, and Annie will post. And I’ll post updates on the book too.


Thank you for reading Fox Tales!

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