Radio Show – Episode 21 – New – January 15, 2017

Today’s show focuses on music recently sent to me from the artists themselves. You’ll hear a fair amount of harp, but also banjo, fiddle, voice, and other instruments (even trombone!), and a track or two that steps outside of the Celtic genre. You’ll also hear some music from my collection that I haven’t listened to in so long that it feels “new” again!

12:01: The Cast – Basker’s delight-Mrs McGhee-The black hoe
12:05: Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman – Pheasant Feathers
12:08: The Casey Sisters – Miss Fahey_s Fancy I have no Money Jerry Hayes
12:14: Molly Pinto Madigan – Swansong
12:20: Steve Baughman – Morgan Megan
12:22: Niamh Parsons – Blackbirds and Thrushes
12:29: Kris & Lark – Sandpiper s Dream
12:34: Diana Stork & Portia Diwa – Arran Boat Song
12:39: Seamus Byrne – Secluded Beach/Mara Freeman – The Welcome of the Door (excerpt)
12:42: The Tannahill Weavers – Jamie Raeburn’s Farewell
12:48: The Wrigley Sisters – The Trowie Dart _ The Hen-Pen-Dirlo
12:50: Valerie Rose – The Bonny Boy

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