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Nature Tells Stories - photo
Nature Tells Stories – photo by Jane Valencia

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are still in the storytelling time of year. This is the time when nature-infused community and cultures have, like the plants, reached into the roots of themselves, sourcing from dreams, song, and wisdom for the most essential treasures within. From this deep-within place new and renewed pathways are envisioned and explored in a variety of ways. Nature tells and shows us that in spring, we’ll experience the tender roots and shoots of this dreaming, storyweaving time emerging into our daily life.

In the meantime though, we rest, wander, drink deeply of and poke and prod our stories. The stories we tell about our lives, the stories that guide us forward, the stories we tell each other. It’s how we humans have survived and thrived since our beginnings. Storytelling — whether in conversation, reflecting on the day, in the gratitude we offer, and the information we aim to convey — is as essential to our humanity as our ability to create and work with fire.

Now, more than ever, we need to tend to story. Our stories need to be reflective of what we truly want in our world. They need to bring us together rather than divide us, inspire hope rather than fear, look to seeking understanding, to pointing to directions to kind and strong ways of being in challenging times. And they need to offer heart, the possibility of healing, and forgiveness. They need to be as honest as we can make them. After all, we deserve nothing less: we are in this life and this beautiful world together.

And we need to have stories that are fun!

With that in mind I invite you all to the Vashon Wilderness Program‘s Tenth Annual Storytelling Festival. I’m honored to be a teller at this event, offering harp and story. Details below!

VWP Storytelling Festival 2017
In the heart of winter, hundreds of people from Vashon and beyond gather around our proverbial fire to share in the ancient and powerful tradition of oral storytelling.

In honor of their 10th year Anniversary,
their 10th Annual Storytelling Festival
will be offered to our community for FREE!

Join us – January 28th, 2017 @ 1pm

doors open at 12:30pm
this event typically sells out – early arrival strongly recommended

buy concessions, sign up for our 1-Minute Story-thon, and settle in with family & friends

Vashon Theater, Vashon Island

Packed with incredible stories for and by the community,

plus audience participation, including a 1-minute Story-thon, story improv games, and more.

Don’t miss this wonderful, family-friendly event!

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