Under a Harvest Moon – A Song for You to Sing

The rains have returned, letting us know with gentle insistence that summer is past. I’m reminded of a song I used to sing with my daughters, learned from Ladybug Magazine, and adjusted slightly (“too soon” to “quite soon” –  I love winter!) as I’ve sung it with other children. I’ve just learned a second verse (below).

Under a Harvest Moon (Autumn Comes) – trad. England

Autumn comes
the Summer is past
Winter will come quite soon
Stars will shine clearer
Skies seem nearer
Under the Harvest Moon

Autumn comes
but let us be glad
Singing an autumn tune
Hearts will be lighter
Nights be brighter
Under the Harvest Moon

And indeed, the moon is quite bright through my window these nights.

Want to hear the song and sing it yourself?  Pick your favorite format and download this recording for your learning pleasure.

Under a Harvest Moon – sung by Jane Valencia – flac
Under a Harvest Moon – sung by Jane Valencia – mp3

I hope to sing this song with you in Forest Halls!


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