What’s Up With The Leaf?

Annie: Did you see? Worms are dangling from trees! Yellow-pale-green long worms from those short shrubby trees, and little tight curling worms on those tall pale trees.

Santa: Worms? Where! Don’t tell me the tent caterpillars are back!

Shell: Huh? What are you both talking about? Worms on the trees?

Tam The Teapot: Ah hem, I believe Annie is referring to catkins. I too have noticed that some shrubs and some trees are now displaying catkins. Some are yellow-green, some reddish brown. Other trees have other kinds, I suspect.  Catkins are basically the trees’ flowers.

Shell:  So the trees have flowers, and not worms?  That’s a lot more pleasant!

Tam The Teapot:  Indeed!

Annie:  I wonder if trees in other places have worms all over them right now–I mean catkins?  Hey, readers —  [Annie looks at you!]  — do any trees in your neighborhood have dangly-things all over, and no leaves?

Shell:  Hey, I have a joke!  Fresh from my Joke Shop!

Santa: What is it?  I could listen to something funny about now.

Shell:  Okay, here it is:  How is Jane’s book writing like those trees with all the catkins?

Santa:  Uh, gee, Shell.  How?

Shell:  Her book still has no new leaves.  Ha ha!

Santa: Not very funny–

Shell:  Maybe not, but it’s true.  Jane is working on the book–my book–and had hoped to post a new Leaf today, but ….

Annie:  She’s covered with worms instead?

Shell:  Annie, I just don’t think so.

Tam The Teapot: In any case, dear Reader.  Jane begs your patience and pardon.  She’s pretty sure the next Leaf will be ready sometime next week.

Annie:  The first Leaf of 2012–how exciting!

Santa: Hm.  We’ll see …..

To Be Continued!

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