Free Ebook copy of Because Of The Red Fox

Hello, Jane here! I’m working as much as I can on Because Of The Red Fox, planning on finishing this draft by 11:59pm on January 31, 2012. My intention is to launch the book sometime in early Summer.

My plan is to do a samurai-sword final rewrite in February, and then get the book formatted for publication, doing a bunch of copy-editing along the way (that is, I’m going to make sure my grammar’s good and the words are spelled correctly and my punctuation works!).

Do you want to help me get this book into the best shape I can? Here’s how you can help!

All you have to do is read the installments of the book. If you are so inspired, please make comments on what you like or don’t like in the story, or offer suggestions, or anything else. If I change (or keep!) something that was due to your comments I’ll (1) acknowledge you in the book (you know, in those thank you sections some books have), and (2) send you a free ebook copy of the finished Because Of The Red Fox.

Does that sound good? I hope to hear from some or all of you!

In the meantime, enjoy the next “Leaf”: Abracadabra House.

Gearing Up For Writing Plunge

Just letting you all know that I’ve cleared the decks (aka my commitments) so that I can focus my creative energy entirely (or almost so!) on completing Because Of The Red Fox.  I’ll return to weekly posts here–either of installments of the book, or some other material related to the story (such as artwork).  The next couple of months should be fun!


My daughter created this image for our enjoyment …

Just a quick update.  Our family is in the process of moving (back) to the Pacific Northwest.  In fact, to the place that is the inspiration for the book’s location.  It’s been quite a time of transition for me, but I anticipate resuming creation of Because Of The Red Fox ~ with comic art ~  in the weeks following our move.  Please check back in March!