Wow, The Book Is Here!

12-year-old Shell Wakefield finds her friend Leaves the Red Fox just outside the forest ….

Shell: Oh, my gosh! Leaves, it’s finally happened!

Leaves: Hm? What? I’ve just been enjoying all the wild wind out here … blowing leaves around. Blowing me around!

Shell: That’s just it. I think Jane has–

Leaves: “Blown it?” ha ha.

Shell: No! Of course not. Or at least, I hope not …

Leaves (brushing against her hand): What is it, Shell? You seem pretty rattled.

Shell: Well, it’s just that …

Leaves: Just what?

Shell (deep breath): Jane’s just released her book, Because of The Red Fox. But it’s really our book, isn’t it.

Leaves merely nods.

Leaves (after a silent minute): Does that bother you?

Shell: Does it bother you?

Leaves: No, of course not. I’ve said all along that I’m “read”.

Shell shakes her head.

Shell: Well, then. I may as well get used to … fame … or something. To being “read”.

Leaves: It’s okay, Shell. You’ve been read all along. And, to all of you reading this post, thank you for your interest in Shell, myself, and the rest of the gang. Be sure to download the free three chapter preview of our book, I don’t show up in an obvious way in that excerpt, but I’m definitely there.

Shell (waving to all of you): If you get the book, do let us know what you think. Bye for now, everyone!  This is Shell Wakefield and Leaves the Red Fox signing off to take a look at that stack of books Jane is carrying under her arm …






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