New “Learn Elf Owl Harp” video series

I’ve launched a video series devoted to teaching elements of harp with storytelling, poetry, spoken word and song. If you are a harper, I invite you to check them out. If you have questions in this area, please ask! I hope to answer questions in future videos.

I know many (all?) of you love the beauty, fun, and magic of language and word. If you don’t play harp, I invite you to check out the beginning of the first video, “What is Elf Owl Harp?” There I perform a short poem written by a youth in Forest Halls. Come join me in the woods to experience it!

Enjoy the first video here

Radio Show – Episode 42 – The Bear – January 19 and 26, 2020

In Episode 42 we venture into the winter landscape with music, a tale, and more inspired by the mystery and magic of the Bear in Celtic folklore. Enjoy Celtic tunes, songs, and poetry plus some music from other genres, and plenty of enchantment.  I’m pleased to tell a story inspired by Debra Knodel’s song, “Binwag’s Lullaby” – a favorite among our fans — and will air that music too. The story also includes a snippet in the story of Deb’s newest bear magic piece, “Tundra Lullaby.”

Enjoy harp in the music of the Casey Sisters,  OMNIA,  as well as in the story and song following, and a bardic poem composed and spoken by Kevan Manwaring.

Our second hour is a re-airing of Episode 21, “New.”

Listen to both shows here.

Hear this show on demand for two weeks.

12:02: Paul Machlis – Early Morn
12:06: Kevin Burke – The Cottage Groves / Maudabawn Chapel / The Beare Island Reel
12:11: Laura Risk – Sunday River
12:16: Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas – Miss Laura Risk
12:20: Courteous Thief – Mountains and Sea
12:26: Kevan Manwaring – Tallyesin – The Song of Taliesin
12:29: The Casey Sisters – The Bandonbridge Suite: b
12:32: Jane Valencia – Bear Lore
12:34: Beginish – Beginish
12:38: OMNIA – Grone Lunden
12:43: Jane Valencia – The Bear King’s Lullaby
12:51: Spookytree – Debra Knodel and Jane Valencia – Binwag’s Lullaby
12:57: Eve Goodman and Sera – Gaeafgwsg

Find Out What the Fox Really Says!

Greetings, folks!

If you’re on the Island, I invite you to join me for an hour of musical and magical fun for the whole family. Come with me into the mischievous world of Leaves, the Red Fox, in this bardic performance and book reading of my children’s fantasy novel, Because of the Red Fox.

Shhhh … It’s a secret!

Have you seen tracks like these? Art by Jane Valencia
Have you seen tracks like these? Art by Jane Valencia

My children’s fantasy novel, Because of the Red Fox is actually a top secret guide book for tracking the enchantment that’s all around us — even in our own families and in ourselves!  Discover how to become a magical naturalist and find out what the fox really says!

When: Sunday, March 29, 2-3pm. Where: The Vashon Bookshop, 17612 Vashon Highway SW, Vashon, WA 98070

Jane Valencia is a bardic harper & storyteller and nature teacher, whose performances, classes, writings, and art help families who want to keep the magic of connection alive despite the stresses of a too-busy world.

Celtic Twiddle art by Jane Valencia (c) 2010Can’t make it to Vashon? I’ll be travelling to the San Francisco Bay and Santa Cruz, CA, as well as to Portland, OR in the coming year, and perhaps other places as well. I’d love to bring this show and other family magic offerings to your community. Please contact me if you know of a particular book shop, organization, or group — or even you yourself — who might be interested  in hosting this event. Thank you and cheers!

Come enjoy some mischief, music and magic the whole family will enjoy!
Come experience some mischief, music and magic the whole family will enjoy!