Medicine Song: An Honoring to the Milky Oats

Okay – I sing to just about everything, and songs come to me just about any time. In this short video, recorded five years ago, I sing an honoring song to the Oats (Avena sativa) in my garden as I harvest the milky oat tops for a tincture. Songs and melodies like these just come to me, especially when I’m with a plant or out on the land.

Since the song in the video is a response to the Oats when their seeds are ripening (i.e., “milky” tops), I have to wonder if it carries some of Avena sativa’s nutritive, restorative, nerve-soothing, and gently grounding medicine. Listen to the song, and learn it if you wish. Don’t worry about getting the melody exact, or about learning the vocables the way I’ve sung them. You can let the song transform and attune to you.

[Note: in some traditions it’s important to learn a plant’s song exactly. In the way I work with plants, it feels right to allow — at least in this song — for shift and change].

Absorb the song, sing it if you wish. How does your body, mind, spirit feel as the song moves through you? Relax into the song, and into the healing magic of Milky Oats.

Does this song carry Milky Oat Top medicine? You tell me! Please do so in the comment box below.

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