Radio Show – Episode 23 – Pilgrimage – February 19, 2017

Today we musically experience the Celtic concept of ‘pilgrimage.’ In medieval Ireland a holy man or woman would head out into the waters in a small boat and no oars, allowing the waters and the grace of God to guide them to an unknown shore. We too will  head out on the road and into mysterious waters to discover the music that lies there. Enjoy!

12:05: Knodel and Valencia – Lonesome Road to Dingle
12:07: Alasdair Fraser and Paul Machlis – The Road North
12:13: MacKillop, Taylor, and Randall – Lux et Gloria
12:16: Mary McLaughlin – Deep Peace
12:19: Mary McLaughlin – Song to Bridget
12:22: Cynthia Shelhart – Walnut Welcome
12:27: Maire Breatnach – Inis Sui
12:30: Anne Roos – Steering by Aldebaran
12:34: Harper Tasche – Winter Stars
12:38: Skyedance – Way Out to Hope Street
12:40: Solasta – Stout’s Trip
12:44: The Poozies – Company of Women
12:49: Altan – Inis Dhu_n Ramba
12:52: The Cast – Eventide
12:56: Spookytree – Lochaber No More

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In the show I mentioned the Irish myth, the Voyage of Bran. A good summary of the tale can be found here.

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