Radio Show – Episode 24 – Living and Dying – March 5, 2017

As part of the Vashon Conversation with the Living about Dying project, this Sunday’s Forest Halls Celtic show is devoted to music and folklore around this theme. We’ll slip past the Veil and enter the Otherworld to experience grief, longing, and beauty on our musical journey. Joining us is special guest and master storyteller, Allison Cox, sharing a tale. Come enjoy her warmth, good humor, and marvelous way with words!

12:02: Karen Matheson (of Capercaillie) – Dark Alan (from Rob Roy)
12:06: Alasdair Fraser & Paul Machlis – Niel Gow’s Lament of the Death of his Second Wife
12:10: Andy M Stewart – The Land O The Leal
12:16: Allison Cox – Interview and Storytelling
12:42: Kim Robertson – Separation of Soul and Body
12:44: Kim Robertson – The Clergy’s Lamentation/Separation Of Soul And Body
12:51: Tina Malia – Shores of Avalon
12:57: Spookytree (Deb Knodel & Jane Valencia) – Lochaber No More

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