Radio Show Play List April 17, 2016

Here’s the play list for today’s show. For more information about the music played in the show, see the Radio Show Program Notes.

Catch the show on demand here.

Format of the play list is:

Time (PST) Track was played – Artist – Track Title

12:01 Gadbaw & Krimmel – Across the Western Ocean
12:05 Huizinga & Coulter (Liquid Gold) – The Quarter Inch Wick/One
Night In Bethlehem
12:09 Niamh Parsons – The Water is Wide
12:18 Gadbaw & Krimmel – The White Birds
12:22 Silly Wizard – If I Was a Blackbird
12:30 Alasdair Fraser and Paul Machlis – Traditional Gaelic Melody
12:33 Alasdair Fraser and Paul Machlis – Tommy’s Tarbukas
12:39 Dandelion Lore – Music: Jane Valencia – Saint Brigit’s Hymn
12:45 Valerie Rose – The Gardener
12:52 Violaine Mayor – Tud Kembre
12:54 Patsy Seddon and Barnaby Brown – Deus Auribus (BBC – History of

Radio Show Play List for April 3, 2016

Today marks the debut of Forest Halls Celtic, my live radio show on Voice of Vashon. You can listen on-demand to the latest show here. What a fascinating and fun experience! Sharing about the music, telling a few little tales, while operating and monitoring the radio equipment at the same time is a whole new world for me. Very different brain circuitry seems to be involved for me than for performing or teaching! That said, I’m excited to see what grows as I become adept with the technology and with this medium that is radio broadcasting.

Thank you to my friend and colleague – harper, vocalist, cellist and amazing linguist, Vicki Parrish of The Standing Stones for pronunciation guidance (any mangling of Irish Gaelic pronunciation is my own!). Thank you also to Cherry Clark of the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers for identifying Natalie MacMasters Scottish tune set. And a huge thank you to my husband and fellow deejay, Andy Valencia for training me in radio show hosting and production!

Below is the play list for today’s show.

Format of the list is: Time (PST) Track was played – Artist – Track Title

12:02 Paul Machlis – The Magic Horse
12:06 Bonnie Rideout – The Hen’s March
12:13 Natalie MacMaster – Playing the Cape Breton fiddle (Ted Talk 2003, Monterey Calif)
12:17 Irish, 9th c. – Sunshine through My Window
12:19 Steve Baughman and Robin Bullock – Dans Keff Avec
12:22 Cíana – An Dro in Em / Breton March / Bus Stop
12:27 Anúna – Home and the Heartland (Riverdance, 1995)
12:31 Jane tells “Airmid’s Cloak” Music: Chris Conway – Airmid’s Herbal Cloak
12:39 Kim Angelis – Frogsong
12:44 Ann Heymann – Hawk of Ballyshannon
12:46 Eve Goodman – Dacw ‘Nghariad
12:51 Clan Alba – Canan Nan Gaidheal
12:55 Orison – The-Butterfly

You can read more detailed notes about each track here.

And once again, if you missed the show or want an encore listening you can listen to the latest show on-demand.