Radio Show – Episode 35 – October 13, 2019

Show 35 is ready for your listening pleasure! In this one we feature music from three Breton artists, as well as some contemporary nature-rooted expressions (want to hear a heart-felt song from a tree? how about beautiful violin in the Wilderness, or a blessing for lost words?).  Harp music can be found in music by Dave and Sharon Thormahlen, Cécile Corbel, and Barry Phillips.  We followed this show with a re-airing of Show 14. Listen to both shows on demand for the next two weeks at

12:00: Forest Halls Celtic – Show 35
12:02: Solas – Coconut Dog / Morning Dew
12:05: Elfen – Aderyn Du
12:08: Duo Menguy – Le Pennec
12:14: Cécile Corbel – Le bal des chats
12:16: Cécile Corbel – Jardin Secret
12:20: Denez Prigent – Gortoz a ran
12:27: Karine Polwart, et al. – Heartwood
12:30: Julie Fowlis – A Phiuthrag _s a Phiuthar
12:35: Barry Phillips – Braigh Loch Iall
12:42: Dave and Sharon Thormahlen – Hewlitt
12:45: Robin Bullock – The Rakes Of Clonmel / The Trip To The Cottage
12:47: Taylor Davis – Wilderness
12:51: Duo Menguy Berenguer – Yellow Flowers
12:56: Karine Polwart, et al – The Lost Words Blessing

Under a Harvest Moon – A Song for You to Sing

The rains have returned, letting us know with gentle insistence that summer is past. I’m reminded of a song I used to sing with my daughters, learned from Ladybug Magazine, and adjusted slightly (“too soon” to “quite soon” –  I love winter!) as I’ve sung it with other children. I’ve just learned a second verse (below).

Under a Harvest Moon (Autumn Comes) – trad. England

Autumn comes
the Summer is past
Winter will come quite soon
Stars will shine clearer
Skies seem nearer
Under the Harvest Moon

Autumn comes
but let us be glad
Singing an autumn tune
Hearts will be lighter
Nights be brighter
Under the Harvest Moon

And indeed, the moon is quite bright through my window these nights.

Want to hear the song and sing it yourself?  Pick your favorite format and download this recording for your learning pleasure.

Under a Harvest Moon – sung by Jane Valencia – flac
Under a Harvest Moon – sung by Jane Valencia – mp3

I hope to sing this song with you in Forest Halls!