Catching Songs from the Land: It’s easier to start than you think!

In my last blog post, I shared a video in which I “caught” a melody from the land. You can view/listen to that “song of the land” here.

This video gives you some the beginning steps to catching nature songs of your own. The steps here are easy and fun — do them with a kid in your life!


This video is first in a series on Song Catching. Let me know how it goes for you to try these ideas out — and what you chose to imitate!

4 Replies to “Catching Songs from the Land: It’s easier to start than you think!”

  1. Jane, I enjoyed that, enjoyed receiving ‘permission’ to go out and play! I look forward to seeing and learning from the next lesson ~ Thank you!

  2. Come sit with me on our patio in the dark — the sound of the canal overflow makes the traffic sounds feel like running water. The crickets seem so happy just to be alive, the mama fox who lives in our gully calls to her two kits, the bullfrog in the bog below our land has such a distinctive song, the deer softly tramping across our land sound like elf footfalls, and if you listen very carefully, you can hear the fairies singing. Thanks for the video. Love and hugs!!

  3. I can truly hear and see all that you describe, Aunt Karen! That place is so special to me. I’m sure I’ll find a song as I sit with you here :-).

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